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Lamps and tubes.
Fluorescent tubes are normally supplied in white for all T8 and T12 sizes and warm white for T5 and circular sizes. Because of difficulty in post and packaging we request for a MINIMUM ORDER OF 25.00. on tubes under 600mm, larger tubes are only supplied in box quanity of 25 units.Carrige is free on orders over 20.00. Please allow 3 working days for delivery.......MINIMUM MIXED ORDER VALUE 20.00. THANK YOU.

600mm T8 fluorescent tube

Description : 600mm X 25mm dia T8 18watt fluorescent tube.
Code : OL18T8
Price : £5.65 each
Quantity :

750mm T8 fluorescent tube

Description : 750mm X 25mm T8 16watt fluorescent tube, (these tube are an unusual size but are available on request)
Code : OL16T8
Price : £8.95 each
Quantity :

900mm T8 fluorescent tube

Description : 900mm X 25mm dia T8 30watt fluorescent tube.
Code : OL30T8
Price : £5.95 each
Quantity :

1075mm T8 fluorescent tube

Description : 1075mm X 25mm dia T8 29watt fluorescent tube, (these tubes are an unusaull size but available on request)
Code : OL29T8
Price : £10.45 each
Quantity :

1200mm T8 fluorescent tube

Description : 1200mm X 25mm dia T8 36watt fluorescent tube.
Code : OL36T8
Price : £5.95 each
Quantity :

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